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In other stories a lion who is accidentally caught and caged teaches a coal miner a lesson; two crusty cowboys come to understand the purpose of gnats and tumbleweeds and why rattlesnakes have rattles; and the Angel of Death is told to collect Hispanic souls or else.

Ricardo Garcia

Recounted in a lively, humorous style, the stories show how ordinary people managed to conduct dignified and happy lives—with occasional help from the spirit world—in a difficult social and physical environment. About the Book Much of the literature about northeastern New Mexico depicts range wars, bandits, labor union strife, and Indian depredations. This collection of twelve modern folktales describes events that never made headlines and people who never had a building named after them, evoking the rich tradition of storytelling that flowed through the coal camps and ranches of the Raton region during the early twentieth century.

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The Storytelling Cycle: Navigating Our Way through the Listening and Sharing of Stories

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