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Steere, Laura Woodhead, , , Includes letter to Jim H. Steere son of Laura. Most of the correspondence pertains to Steere's illustrations for Berry's articles about cephalopods. Stephens, Kate, , , , Includes letters from Frank Stephens husband of Kate. Sterki, Victor, Letter of 25 February , written by Walter V. Sterki son of Victor after his father's death, reports that Sterki's collection had been donated to the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. T, general. Tucker, , regarding cephalopods he trawled from San Diego Trough; Joseph Burr Tyrrell, , describing the type locality of the Helix limitaris he found during John William Dawson's expedition to the Canadian Rockies.

Taki, Iwao, , , , , , , Letter of 26 December tells of the destruction of his specimen collection and that of his brother, Isao Taki, during World War II. Talmadge, Robert Raymond, , , , , , Much of Talmadge's correspondence concerns his work with Haliotidae. Letter of 12 February describes the house fire that destroyed his entire specimen collection and library. Thorpe, William H. Includes letter of 27 September from Thorpe to Edmund Jaeger.

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Tomlin, J. Outgoing letter of 9 May , written to Eleanor M. Tomlin Mrs. Exploring Expedition. United States Bureau of Fisheries, Mostly concerns Berry's work with specimens collected by the Albatross and Bache. Van der Schalie, Henry, , , , , , , and undated. Voss, Gilbert Lincoln, , , , , , and undated. Wa-We, general. Webb, , , , consisting mostly of Webb's periodical newsletters about shells; Ned E.

Webster, , , , , , , whose letters include photographs of a boat he was building; Western Society of Malacologists, , Waite, Edgar R. His correspondence concerns Berry's work with the cephalopods from South Australia in the Museum's collection. Warthin, Aldred Scott, , , and undated. Includes correspondence from Katharine A. Warthin Mrs. Aldred S. Warthin, Scott, , , , , and undated.

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Many of his letters are about the excavation of dinosaur remains at Winnecook Ranch see also the correspondence with his father, Aldred Warthin. Wetmore, Alexander, , , , , , Mostly pertains to Wetmore's duties as Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian. Weymouth, Frank W. Many of his letters describe his work with the genus Siliqua , which was undertaken with the assistance of Harvey C.

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Wh-Wy, general. Wilcox, , Wiggins, Ira Loren, , , , Letters of concern the abolishment of Stanford's status as a game preserve. Willett, George, , , , , , , Correspondence subsequent to Willett's death in August is with Ora A. Willett Mrs. George and concerns the final disposition of Willett's shell collection.

Williams, Woodbridge, , , , , Includes photograph of Berry and Williams at the Smithsonian, Winckworth, R.

In This Hospitable Land, 1940-1944

Much of the correspondence before pertains to articles Berry wrote for the Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London during Winckworth's tenure as Editor. Woodford, Robert W. Most of his letters describe his experiences as an Air Force officer stationed in Japan, including the specimens he collected for Berry and his encounters with Yata Haneda and other prominent Japanese malacologists. Yen, Teng-Chien, , Includes letter of protest to and subsequent responses from the Smithsonian Institution and the U. Geological Survey regarding Yen's publication on water mollusks from the Kootenai formation in Montana, which Berry claimed incorporated specimens he had intended to include in a similar study.

Z, general. Correspondents include Louis Zermatten, , including photographs of fish specimens; James Zetek, , Bills and international money order receipts for periodicals, scientific papers, and rare books Berry purchased from secondhand book dealers, , , , , , , Correspondence and materials concerning Leaflets in Malacology , , , , , and undated. Includes incoming requests for subscriptions and back issues; stubs from checks for subscriptions; invoices from Citrograph Printing Company for the cost of publication; invoice to and response from Bruce W. Halstead, , for half of publishing expenses of "Octopus Bites--A Second Report," a paper by Halstead and Berry which appeared in the Leaflets ; mailing lists and subscribers' change-of-address cards.

Materials concerning reprints. Includes incoming requests for reprints of Berry's articles; lists of reprinted articles and duplicates of scientific papers Berry sent to and requested from other malacologists and scientists; change-of-address cards; inventory cards documenting number of his own separates still available for distribution. Research notes. Includes lists of specimens Berry needed for his research and requested from other malacologists and collectors; notes about possible areas for research; "Inventory of lots of Heterodonax spp.

Newspaper Clippings, , , , , and undated. Much of the correspondence consists of outgoing letters to scientific organizations, libraries, universities, research institutions, and individual scientists requesting donations of their publications for the Institution's library.

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The remaining correspondence is with Berry's associates at the Institution. This portion of the letters concerns progress made in the library during Berry's absence; the terms of Berry's employment, particularly changes in his job title and salary; his own research projects utilizing malacological specimens from the Institution; and equipment purchased by the Institution to aid Berry's scientific research.

A-W, general. Johnson, ; Charles Atwood Kofoid, ; C.

Marvin, ; Frank Ernest Aloysius Thone, Crandall, Wesley Clarence, Mostly concerns the payment of Berry's salary and expenses. Ritter, William Emerson, Includes correspondence from Mary B. Ritter Mrs. William Emerson. Outgoing letters of document the progress of Berry's research on West American chitons, the subject of a series of papers published in the Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences , and on a group of cephalopods which scientists from Scripps collected from tuna stomachs.

Related materials, Includes Berry's expense accounts from his tenure as Librarian and Research Assistant, ; list of the Institution's publications; list of works ordered from secondhand book venders, May ; form letters sent to scientific institutions soliciting donations of their publications to the library at Scripps, and undated.

This series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence and related materials concerning Berry's work as a horticulturist. In particular, it documents the development of Berry's horticultural interests from a purely scientific pursuit to a business concern. Berry's earliest letters, from approximately to the early s, tend to concentrate on his experiments in hybridization as well as his efforts to adapt foreign, rare, and new varieties to the climate and conditions of Southern California.

Correspondence from the mids onward increasingly includes incoming orders for plants, seeds, and bulbs, requests from customers for catalogues, which Berry began publishing in , and outgoing financial statements. Berry also frequently wrote to his customers about the care of specific varieties and the control of pests and diseases. Although his correspondence is generally concerned with the cultivation of irises and daffodils, it also reflects Berry's interest in gladioli, rock and mountain plants, peonies, assorted herbs, pansies, and fruit-bearing trees and plants, including avocados, oranges, dates, macadamians and pecans, and Chinese jujubes.

Berry's horticultural correspondents included domestic and foreign horticulturists and botanists; nurseries and landscape architects; amateur gardeners, many of whom were his friends and neighbors; government regulatory agencies, particularly those concerned with the importation and quarantine of plants and bulbs; horticultural organizations and publications; and stationery and nursery supplies companies. If a correspondent was associated with a commercial nursery, the name of the nursery has been noted in the folder list after the name of the correspondent. The small number of photographs and manuscripts included in this series are also noted.

American Iris Society, , , , , , , Consists mostly of general policy statements and guidelines for judging iris varieties entered in the Society's awards shows and symposiums. B-Ba, general. Correspondents include Ernst Brown Babcock, ; G. Baker, ; Hardie Baugh, Barron, Leonard, Correspondence of September-October pertains to the pronunciation of "gladiolus.

Battey, Paul L. Bea-Bet, general. Beirne, , ; O. Berger, Beston, Henry, , , and undated. Includes photograph of Beston's farm in Maine. Incoming letter postmarked 18 June describes Beston's visit to the Mayan ruins.

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  7. Bi-Br, general. Blake, ; Louisa Bruckman, , Blake, Sherman T. Bonnewitz, Lee R. Includes newsletters issued under the name of the Nursery. Bowers, Arno H. Much of his correspondence concerns his work as the Associate Chairman of the American Amaryllis Society. Buc-Bur, general. Correspondents include Samuel Burchfield, , , ; Elizabeth Burke, , undated. Consists of leaflets about quarantine regulations on imported plants; and notices of the expiration of quarantines on specific orders Berry received from overseas dealers.

    For import permits issued to Berry before , see the correspondence of the Federal Horticultural Board; for permits issued after , see the correspondence of individual exporters. Bureau of Plant Industry, , , Mostly concerns plants Berry ordered from the Bureau's Plant Introduction Garden at Chico, California; includes Berry's reports regarding the suitability of individual plant specimens for cultivation in California. C-Ca, general. Calvert, , ; Douglas Houghton Campbell, , undated; W.

    Castle, , California Department of Agriculture, , , , , , Mostly concerns regulations for shipping nursery stock and for operating a commercial nursery in the state of California. Includes Berry's nursery permits for , , , ; and pamphlet entitled "California Laws Affecting Nurserymen. California Garden , , , Mostly pertains to book reviews Berry wrote for the publication.