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Microsoft Visio is an enterprise class software that is used by professionals to create diagrams of varying complexities — from networking diagrams to floor plans, and even org charts and timelines. However, Visio is also gaining traction among home users for planning their home layouts or simple layout plans.

This tutorial caters to both enterprise and home users with varying levels of experience, who plan to integrate Visio into their workflow. You should be comfortable navigating your way around the Windows OS Windows 7 or later.

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Visio is not available for the Mac. Visio Pro can be included as part of the Office suite or purchased standalone in Standard and Professional versions.

This guide shows you the keyboard combination and job it does:. Take a look at this chart of Visio keyboard shortcut combinations:.

Check out this list of keyboard shortcut combinations to open specific dialog boxes in Visio so you can quickly communicate to the computer and get the desired task completed:. Visio has quite a few toolbars, two Standard and Formatting are automatically displayed when you start the program.

Visio layer order

You can hide either of these, and you can display additional toolbars as well. Cheat Sheet.